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Rental Agreement

Years ago Jamie and Colin had a house.  They rented rooms out to friends.  This was the old rental agreement:

Rental terms

Who:  NAME is renting from Jamie and Colin. Pets – we have the
chinchillas and a ton of fish.  We might get a cat.  You can't get
anything that lives outside a cage without asking, and the cage has to
be in your room.  Also, the cage can't have a fucking bird.

Basics: Month to month agreement.  Rent needs to be paid in full by
the first of the month.  30 days notice required if you plan to
leave.  We give you 60 days notice if we need you out.  First and last
month can be prorated.  Earliest move in date is DATE.  $XXXX
a month.  No security deposit, though you have to pay for anything you
break.  All utilities are included (heat, water,
sewer, trash, internet), unless you go nuts with your window air
conditioner or want something extra.  We might get cable, but
I doubt it.  I can give you the password for netflix if you want to
mess around with the queue.  You are on your own for a phone, there
won't be a land line.  Laundry will be free.

The Space: Any one of the three non-master bedrooms in 1621 Hawthorne
is yours.  You will get
your own room, but all other areas will be shared.  State law says we
have to give you written notice to enter a renter's room.  I say screw
state law.  Advanced notice means we will probably knock.  You get
full use of the kitchen, but have to clean up after yourself.  We hope
you share in meals, and we can work
out the costs for that however you are happy.  Right now Jamie keeps a
spreadsheet and we settle up at the end of the month.  Other rooms you
are welcome to put stuff in and whatnot, but we get final aesthetic
say.  There is a master bath that Jamie and I will use, and a half
bath downstairs.  The other one will be mostly yours, but it has the
only tub (master is a shower stall), so Jamie might go in there for
baths.  Also overnight guests will use it, and if there is a line at a
party, we will send folks to use it. Garage space is negotiable.  I
expect that your fancy car will live inside, but I can't guarantee
anything until we see how it works out.  You will have a non-street
parking spot of some sort.

Terms:  Your room will have a window air conditioning unit.  No making
copies of keys.  You can't sublet the room.  Guests can stay over, but
we reserve the right to ban someone if things get bad.  Modification
of the house – just ask first.  We are happy to pay for supplies to
the extent that we are likely to see in the value of the house, as
determined case by case.  We will cover repairs to the house, unless
they were caused by abuse or "hitting it back together".  We love
having some help on cleaning and chores, but it isn't required beyond
keeping your bathroom presentable.  Storage – there is some space in
the basement and attic that you can put stuff in.  I expect the garage
will be tighter on space, so probably no storage there.

Other renters:  We might pick up another renter.  It would be more for
the company than the money, but if someone cool and drama free comes
along it might happen.  You get veto power since they will be sharing
your bathroom and home.  We will also have long term house guests from
time to time.  They will be cool too.

The new rental agreement will be more formal, I would guess.