Post date: Sep 11, 2012 1:49:43 AM

Construction is coming along nicely. The only interesting news so far is that while I was pulling out some shelving from the upstairs back house I found a pile of duffle bags and a backpack. Looks like we had a squatter at one point!

In the bags I found:

Loads of women's clothing

Toiletries including fifteen different bottles of girly stuff and a flat iron

laundry detergent

Cheerleader costume

Pipe and small pot stash

Needles (used)

Public restroom token from Indiana

Ziplock of glass beads

Six pesos in coins

Lock pick set, small crow bar

49 keys to houses and cars


Iron cross cell phone holder with chrome skulls

An old family photo

On the upside the backpack is pretty nice, and I had been wanting a new one!