Workshop on Articulating Core Community Values

Post date: Jul 8, 2012 2:52:01 AM

I am proud to announce the New Normal House Project, an intentional community beginning in Normal Heights in October.

We are still early in the process, and are beginning to clearly define the goals of this project, decide on a governance and decision making structure, and identify future residents. And I already need your help!

Please join us for a series of workshop activities designed to articulate our shared community values, so that they can later be distilled down into a community vision that describes the shared future we want to create. Ideally it will result in a document that announces our core values, is a reference point that we can return to, and keeps us inspired. The event is on Sunday, July 22nd, at 2 pm.

Even if you are not considering living with us, if you are part of our community then I hope that you are able and willing to attend and participate.

Contact Colin or Jamie if you are interested in attending.