The Name

Why "The Normal House"? Well, the pun with the neighborhood name of Normal Heights was pretty hard to resist. But the real reason is the New Normal:

The Normal House is a place where you have permission, support and encouragement. A place where we push each other to find a way of living that is respectful, responsible, and loving, yet progressive. We help each other safely push past our comfort zone, to experience new and exciting things in a positive, enriching way.

Do it often enough and it becomes the New Normal.

But the Normal House is more than that: it is a physical thing, a tangible statement, an urban social club in San Diego filled with artists, intellectuals, dreamers, and builders. We bring out the best in each other, and nurture that with the intimacy that comes from living in proximity and sharing meals. The Normal House is a place of real, palpable support - the kind you can climb up into. And, once inside that New Normal, we can settle down, sink roots, raise families (someday?), build careers, live with those we love.

Live it long enough and you become the New Normal.